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Train to be a Licentiate Minister, Canon Lawyer or Apologist.


Christian Minister Licentiate (Lic. Min)


A Licentiate Minister is a mature servant of Jesus Christ attending to the needs of the body of Christ as a whole. The position is that of an elder with the duties of preaching, teaching and counseling others about Jesus Christ.


Canon Lawyer - Licentiate of Canon Law (J.C.L.)  


A Canon Lawyer (Juris Canon Licentiate: J.C.L.) is an expert in scriptural knowledge and is generally considered an elder in the body of Christ. Canon law touches every aspect of Christian life and operates in service to the Church having supernatural responsibilities to function primarily as an objective regulator. It is essential in the preservation of Christianity, being the Divine Breath of God given to his messengers for the Great Commission. Everyone preparing for Christian Ministry should consider a Canon Law Degree.   

Apologist - Licentiate of Apologetics (Lic. Apol) 

Apologetics (from Greek ἀπολογία, "speaking in defense") is the discipline of defending a position through the systematic use of information. Christian apologetics combines Christian theology, natural theology, and philosophy to present a rational basis for the Christian faith, to defend the faith against objections and misrepresentation, and to expose error within other religions and world views.  

Doctor of Christianity (Ch.D.)

Doctor of Christianity is a degree given by the Fellowship to individuals whom they recognize as having been of particular importance regarding their contribution to theology or doctrine. Ch.D. candidates must complete the Minister, Canon Law and Apologetics Licentiate programs and complete a thesis.


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